Delta10 is the specialist in open source for municipalities

With the open source software Atlas and Signalen, municipalities can provide residents with the best possible service, from maps on the municipal website to reports of broken street lighting.

Atlas ensures that employees, residents and businesses look at user-friendly maps so that they can easily find the information they are looking for. Signalen is a process and task system that ensures fast and smart handling of notifications in public space.

We also arrange the underlying infrastructure for software such as Atlas and Signals.

Our solutions

This is Delta10

Your organization no longer wants to worry about the technical management and maintenance of applications and the underlying infrastructure. That is why we take this off your hands, so that the municipality can focus on providing optimal service to residents.

For many municipalities, displaying maps on their website and processing notifications of public space is a struggle. Commonly used solutions are outdated, as a result of which residents cannot find what they are looking for on the municipal website and the internal processes behind the scenes are inefficient expired. Applications often also run on an outdated infrastructure, which makes the management and maintenance of applications extremely cumbersome. This is also at the expense of employees' job satisfaction.

Do you want to improve services for residents? Delta10 has been closely involved in the Common Ground movement from the start. Through the VNG, we have provided technical leadership for a number of crucial Common Ground and open source initiatives, including Signalen, Atlas, NLX and Haven, making Delta10 the preferred partner for municipalities for open source software and Common Ground infrastructure.

This is what you can expect from us:

Quick service

We often hear from customers that they are satisfied with our fast and reliable service. You have one fixed point of contact to whom you can always go with questions.
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Support of open source software

Let your municipality benefit from the latest developments in the field of open source. With us as a partner you are assured of reliable support. You can purchase the software as a service (SaaS) via the Delta10 cloud or run it on the municipality's infrastructure.
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ISO 27001 certified

Our organization and procedures are tested annually, so that municipalities can be sure that we guarantee the confidentiality, availability and integrity of information.
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Direct influence on further development

Take advantage from the many benefits of the Atlas and Signalen communities. Through these communities you and other municipalities have a direct influence on the further development of the software.
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Our innovative solutions for the spatial field.


Atlas is een oplossing om informatie op een gebruiksvriendelijke manier op kaarten weer te geven, zowel via de website aan inwoners en bedrijven als via het dataportaal aan eigen medewerkers. Zo vinden inwoners snel de informatie die ze zoeken en maken medewerkers eenvoudig zelf een kaart aan, zonder eerst langs de geo-afdeling te hoeven.

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Signalen is een proces- en taaksysteem dat zorgt voor een snelle en slimme afhandeling van meldingen openbare ruimte, zoals meldingen over volle afvalbakken en kapotte lantaarnpalen.

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Common Ground platform

Het Common Ground platform is de infrastructuur waarop je verschillende Common Ground applicaties kunt installeren. Wij zorgen dat de omgeving up-to-date en beschikbaar blijft en zijn het aanspreekpunt voor alle applicaties.

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  • Delta10 is an expert party with whom it is pleasant to work. They helped us set up our cloud environment in Azure, so that we can host Common Ground applications such as Signalen, among other things. Thanks to Delta10, we are now able to manage and further expand the base ourselves. It was a very successful collaboration.

    Victor Abratanski

    Head of ICT Management at Parkstad IT
  • Our collaboration really feels like a partnership. Delta10 is a stable partner with a great deal of in-house knowledge and expertise. They are very approachable and always respond quickly. I would recommend Delta10 to all my municipal colleagues who want to work with open source applications.

    Sanne Griffioen

    Team manager Information Management at Municipality of Purmerend
  • I have only had positive experiences with Delta10. The pleasant way of working together, the flexibility and professionalism stand out for me. They took a good look at what we needed and responded accordingly. The delivered documentation for the BIO was also top notch. The overall picture was right, it was a no-brainer to work with Delta10.

    Jochem Kramer

    SecOps engineer at Equalit

about us

Delta10's mission is to improve the ICT of governments.

Our team is active in important international open source communities and therefore has the most up-to-date knowledge. Delta10 is organized following the example of successful open source companies. You can ask questions directly to our experts. This enables us to implement customer wishes and product innovations with very short lead times. User-friendliness, design and security of systems and information are our core development principles.

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